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Hi there! My name is Whitney, and I love capturing moments for families to cherish forever. Every day our children are growing and changing and each little thing is worth remembering forever.  The little things that we don’t even realize are important until they are no longer a part of their current stage.

i love these moments

I love Jesus, my husband, and two little ones who keep us on our toes. May days revolve around them all and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I spend time with family in Montana frequently and am available to book there a few times a year. The Pacific Northwest has my heart but anywhere there are mountains I feel at home.

Before baby I was a horse trainer and riding instructor. I stepped away to raise my kids but teach a little on the side now. I’m loving photographing the bond between horse and rider and am working on getting more saddle time now that we are back near my “home” barn BLUE HERON FARM.

some random facts

1. I once was the only American on a 24 hour bus ride from Germany to Croatia.

2. I have a Major in Equine Science (yup that’s a thing.)

3. My husband was deployed on a submarine until 10 days before our wedding (he told me he’d swim back if he had to).

4. I’ve driven across the country 4 times (3 times in one summer.) #militarylife

5. I’m obsessed with the color grey.

6. I love to cook and try new things but pizza will always be my favorite.

7. Related to the above, my husband and I have perfected our home made pizza recipe.

8. Because I spent a whole lotta time with horses growing up and through college I crave being outside and get super stir crazy if inside for too long.

9. My favorite night time treat is a double fudge cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen.

10. I feel strongly coffee.

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