What time are sessions?

Golden hour is the hour after sunrise or before sunset. This is the time of day where there is the most flattering sunlight. Shooting during this time reduces shadows, squinting, and frees up more locations and options. I know with little ones it can be stressful to push sessions into the evening, but if you can swing a later nap time, it’s all worth it! Most kiddos get excited about the change of pace or location and do just fine, I also have a few tricks up my sleeve as well.  Beach locations will not be shot during any other time of day. Of course if those times just simply aren’t an option, we can always work something out. Some locations are closer to 2 hours before sunset.

What should I bring?

Not much! Keep a few accessories on hand to switch out if wanted. Scarves, jackets, hats etc. ALWAYS have a jacket or sweater option for kids. A cold kid is unlikely to cooperate.

Family heirlooms: Got a great quilt or stuffed animal? Lets plan a shoot around it!

Toys: If the shoot involves young children, don’t be afraid to bring along some things to keep them occupied. Sometimes it’s easier to get a good, still shot if they are sitting and playing with something. It can also be a great way to document something they love during this age.

”Incentives”: Sometimes kids need a little bribe to keep going. I will do my best to keep things fun and moving, but there are always “those nights”.

Where do you shoot?

I have several locations I prefer so as soon as you narrow down the choice between beach, park, or home I can make suggestions. There is a password protected page with all my favorites to choose from that I’ll include in your session guide once you book. I’m always up for trying something unique and new. Anything 25+ miles from 98370 will receive a travel fee starting at $25.

What is included in my session?

A minimum of 45 digital images will be provided to you via downloadable link.

Consult on outfits and locations.

2 weeks after your session I will email a link to your finished online gallery.  You can download, share the link, and order prints from that gallery. I don't provide print releases for Walmart or Target and recommend you use the professional print lab, mpix, or nations.com for all prints.

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