What Should I Wear?

When you book a session with me you will get a link to my full outfit guide, but until then here are some tips!

Keep several things in mind when choosing outfits:

Location: If it’s going to be on the beach or in the park, formal wear or heels may not be the best choice… If you really want to dress up, lets find a more urban location. Please, please, please don’t wear all white on the beach. Also, plan on being barefoot.

Weather: It may be obvious, but just in case. In this climate, always be prepared! Layers are your friend! We can add/subtract things for different looks. Break out those scarves, vests etc.

Don’t be afraid of patterns or bold colors. Pick a favorite outfit and plan the families wardrobe around it.

Matchy/matchy is out! Pick three complimentary colors to weave through your families outfits.

Here are some great links for help and ideas:

10 tips on What to Wear to your photography session | Portland, Oregon

what to wear guide | for both clients and photographers

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